• 热火赢球,前佛州州长“语无伦次”

    'Oh, Harry, you didn't!' she said.

  • 罗伊和克劳福德与华盛顿大学毕业生合影

    'Yeah, well, a bit o' trouble wouldn' hurt,' said Hagrid, pausing to peer around the edge of the stands to make sure the stretch of lawn between there and his cabin was deserted. 'Give us more time.'

  • 老汤普森因紧张没看昨日抢七大战

    The path was becoming increasingly overgrown and the trees grew so closely together as they walked further and further into the Forest that it was as dark as dusk. They were soon a long way past the clearing where Hagrid had shown them the Thestrals, but Harry felt no sense of unease until Hagrid stepped unexpectedly off the path and began wending his way in and out of trees towards the dark heart of the Forest.

  • 皇马120分钟1-1马竞,双方将点球决胜

    'Look, Harry' said Sirius placatingly, 'James and Snape hated each other from the moment they set eyes on each other, it was just one of those things, you can understand that, can't you? I think James was everything Snape wanted to be - he was popular, he was good at Quidditch - good at pretty much everything. And Snape was just this little oddball who was up to his eyes in the Dark Arts, and James - whatever else he may have appeared to you, Harry - always hated the Dark Arts.'

  • 美洲虎计划在新赛季采用更多无聚商进攻

    "Cause the other centaurs are good an' riled at me, tha's why,' said Hagrid quietly, glancing around. They used ter be - well, yeh couldn' call 'em friendly - but we got on all righ'. Kept 'emselves to 'emselves, bu' always turned up if I wanted a word. Not any more.'

  • 爱国者如果熬过赛季初的四场球?

    Harry and Hermione looked at each other, then back at him

  • 科尔:现场球迷的反应让我想起乔丹去客场

    'He WHAT?' shouted Sirius, causing Harry to jump and inhale a mouthful of ashes.